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Pofessional & attractive LAN that's what players expect

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In less of 2 years, LouvardGAME becomes the n°1 LAN Exhibition in Belgium.

Some professional players have participated at our events and we gave more of 5000 € of prizes to winners with the support of MAXXTOR S.A , Proximus and RCSC.


Since 2017, LouvardGame organizes the Belgian video game championship.


The louvardLAN 7 will be organized the 5/6/7 May 2017 in the nice room of the Louvexpo with 250 opponents. To make even better we need your support... please read our sponsors page.

Thank you

Counter Strike : GO

League Of Legends

for 2017, we will organize 2 big events with more than 500 opponents

in the wonderfull place .

LouvardGame a belgian e-sport Company

Rue de Liernu, 8A - B-5081 Meux - Belgium

Bouillon Philippe +32 472 817853